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Kandace Springs

Jimmie Allen

Clint Black


Evvie McKinney

Rascal Flatts

Southern Avenue

Jimmie Allen


Koryn Hawthorne

Thomas Rhett

The New Respects

The New Respects perfectly mesh Pop, Soul, and Rock & Roll with overlays of acoustic tones. This young family quartet is quickly gaining attention.

Israel Houghton

As one of the most influential Christian singer, songwriter and producer, Israel Houghton is known for combining Contemporary Gospel with youthful energy.

Carter Winter

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Carter Winter, is known for his rich baritone voice and Rock influenced Country sound.

Travis Greene

Travis Greene reaches hearts worldwide as an inspirational trailblazer who engages culture through his gospel music and ministry.

Anthony David

Anthony David began writing songs as a life-affirming act while deployed in Iraq. Since then, the R&B singer-songwriter has become known for his down-to-earth storytelling and soulful voice.

The Delta Saints

This Nashville quintet proudly upholds the legacy of their city as one of the homes of rock and roll, all the while crafting their own rock sound with psychedelic flares, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, arresting drum patterns and blue tendencies.

Brantley Gilbert

Brantley doesn’t just write songs, he shares from the heart the chapters of his life through music. He is adamant about the fact that the devoted “BG Nation” is made up of his friends, not fans.

Syleena Johnson

From the Gospel bleachers of her high-school choir to the Grammy’s themselves, this R&B Diva brings authentic soul and blues music back to the stage.

Matt Wertz

Known for his soulful, feel-good pop music, Matt Wertz expands his sound by finding new life in old-school influences creating a blend of modern pop and synthesized R&B.


With her gospel-bred voice, Avery*Sunshine is known for her honesty as she connects with her audience with heart-to-heart, truthful music, telling it how it is.

Eric Roberson

Grammy award-nominee, Eric Roberson breaks into the music industry, pioneering the independent artist movement in R&B and soul, as both a producer and singer-songwriter.

Drew Holcomb

With their catalog of vibrant and honest songs, this American band of troubadours explore the full range of American roots music focusing on the things that truly matter.

Leela James

Through her music, Leela James crosses a range of emotions from self-doubt to self-confidence, reminding her audience what means to be human.